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Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 40: J.J. Green – Aliens, Colonies, and Magic in Space Alternate Futures

In this episode, I chat with J.J. Green about her travels to southeast asia, a possible galactic community, and magic as an alternative to technology. We also discuss the past, present, and future of colonization. As usual, there's also The Lightning Round and The Big Questions. Book Series of hers we discuss are: Carrie Hatchet, Space Colony One, Shadows of the Void, Star Legend, and the Star Mage Saga Further info on this and other episodes, as well as author info and content, can be found at If you're on, you can follow the podcast at Finally, you can follow my articles on science fiction, socio-technological issues, and futurism at
  1. Episode 40: J.J. Green – Aliens, Colonies, and Magic in Space
  2. Episode 39: Barry Kirwan – Aliens, AI, and Arriving Late to the Party
  3. Episode 38: Tim Attewell – Music, Monsters, and Multi-dimensional Mayhem
  4. Episode 37: AM Scott – Air Force Space Operations, Galactic Time Keeping, and Extraterrestrial Expansion
  5. Episode 36: Jinwoo Chong – Book Launch of FLUX, 80s nostalgia, and Silicon Valley Bubbles
  6. Episode 35: N John Williams – Double-Edged Swords, the Soul in the Machine, and SciFi Realism
  7. Episode 34: Susan Kaye Quinn – Hope Punk, The Singularity, and the Need for Techno-Ethics
  8. Episode 33: Julia Huni – On NASA, Aliens, and Space Janitors
  9. Episode 32: Roy Huff – Meteorology, Cryopreservation, and Time Travel
  10. Episode 31: Tony Bertauski – Into the Claus-verse

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