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Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 32: Peter Huff – Meteorology, Cryopreservation, and Time Travel Alternate Futures

In this episode, I chat with Roy Huff all the way from Hawaii about working with NASA on the GOES-R satellite project, his interest in cryopreservation and how he started writing. We also talk about the many ideas around time travel. There's also The Lightning Round and the Big Questions. Books of his we discuss are: Everville and The Seven Rules of Time Travel series. Further info on this and other episodes, as well as story cube images, author info and content, can be found at If you're on, you can follow the podcast at Finally, you can follow my articles on science fiction, socio-technological issues, and futurism at
  1. Episode 32: Peter Huff – Meteorology, Cryopreservation, and Time Travel
  2. Episode 31: Tony Bertauski – Into the Claus-verse
  3. Episode 30: Peter J Aldin – Mental Health in Fiction, Villians, and the Line Between Good and Evil
  4. Episode 29: Jim Keen – Architecture, Machine Intelligence, and The Future Job Market
  5. Episode 28: Claire McCague – Instruments, Aliens, and Decolonizing SF
  6. Episode 27: Rachel Aukes – Getting Known while being an Introvert, The Future of AI, Extraterrestrial Evolution
  7. Episode 26: Louisa Locke – The Evolution of the Indie Author, History of Working Women in San Francisco, and the Paradisi Chronicles
  8. Episode 25: Sarah Woodbury – Alternate Welsh History, Dimensional Travel and The Paradisi Chronicles
  9. Episode 24: Misty Zaugg – Hobby Survivalist, Writing LitRPG, and Organizing Co-writing Projects
  10. Episode 23: Ken Lozito – The Business of Being an Indie Author, Challenges for Human Expansion and How Much Do We Really Know?

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