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Episode 31: Christmas (2022) Tony Bertauski – Into the Claus-verse

It’s Christmas season again at Alternate Futures and once again, I chat with Tony Bertauski. This time we take a deep dive into The Claus-verse, where we discuss the characters, the stories, its creation, and the science fiction (and fact) within the verse.

If you’re in the UK, Tony has many audible codes for free copies of his audiobooks, so you can pick up the entire Claus-verse on audio for free at Just remember to use the links on his website.

Revenge of the Muse: Development of a Claus-verse Character

Further info on this and other episodes, as well as transcriptions, the story cube images and the story introductions, can be found at

Episode 31: Tony Bertauski – Into the Claus-verse Alternate Futures


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