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The Alternate Futures Podcast features interviews with independent science fiction authors. We discuss their path to writing, their science fiction interests, and their views on how the technologies and ideas in their science fiction might play out in the real world.

Recent Guests

If you are an indie science fiction creator or would like to see your favourite author interviewed, contact me!

→ Author

An epic space-time saga of his own in development, he’s currently revising several previously published books.

→ Publisher

With his facilitated self-publishing imprint Quantum Dot Press.

→ Science Fiction Fan

Edwin has a love of epic world-building and galaxy-spanning sagas. He also enjoys hypothesizing about future technology and the resulting social impact.

15 years
of experience

Edwin H Rydberg has been involved in the world of independent publishing (as an author, artist, publisher) for over 15 years and has been a science fiction fan for much longer.

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